the demand for belts is very large on the market

At present, the demand for belts is very large on the market. The higher the price of men, the higher the level of belts used. At present, Hermès belts are more popular among men, but the more popular items, the high imitation goods The greater the chance, the more important it is to distinguish the authenticity of the Hermès belt.
Belt packaging: The genuine belt has a small white card on the belt buckle, which reads MADE IN FRANCE. The outer packaging is an orange box with the logo of Hermès on the lid. There is no LOGO on the side and back of the box.
Belt workmanship: The original belts are double-sided, the pattern is more profound, the belt trimming is neat and smooth, the gap between the particles of the small blisters on the cowhide leather is relatively clear, and the skin of the sheepskin leather is smooth under the skin and the surface is soft.
Belt odor: The original belt emits a scent. Consumers who buy it often can easily smell it. Consumers who don’t understand can choose a large shopping platform, especially those who buy second-hand Hermès belts. When large-scale platforms are used to recycle goods, Have a detailed quality inspection process to ensure that consumers buy genuine products.
Belt logo: The genuine belt is printed with HERMES mark on the belt and belt buckle, and the size is uniform and not blurred. The small flower that is considered by everyone to be a security mark is actually a bird-like pattern. The original bird’s pattern border is straight, the HERMES word is clear and the depth is even, and the magnification is very fine.