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In order to make interesting picrtures, you have to stand in front of interesting things. It requires a determined effort to find and photograph things in a way that hasn’t been done before.

21st Century Steam Train

I was fortunate today to have a friend call me and ask me if I was going to shoot the steam train that would be passing near my house in the next 5 minutes. I really hadn’t planned on it, but I gathered up my stuff and grabbed this shot.


21st Century Steam EngineClick on the picture to see it larger on Flickr

Golden Pond – Frozen

Spent the President’s Day holiday on a photography roadtrip with some friends.  Had an awesome time and came away with a few good shots too!


Golden Pond - Frozen

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Motivation to clean

A Blue Sky Will Reveal Any Dust Problems

No More Dust In My Sky

I have been so busy with my photography lately, that my office has become quite messy and is getting on my nerves. So today I cleaned my camera sensor… Much better! I need no longer avoid shots with clear, expansive skies. On that note, I’m off to shoot some expansive skies with some of my Adventure Pants friends. We’re headed to one of my favorite places: Sandstone Falls, WV.  The office can wait.

Adventure Photography Weekends

Weekends are for Adventure Photography, evidently. Trying to convince myself that I’m going to complete any of my chores on the weekend seems pointless. The last several have been so full of interesting adventures, I find myself buried under avalanches coming from two different fronts: chores, and all the awesome pictures that are waiting to be processed.

The outlook isn’t looking too favorable in the coming weeks either. At least for the prospect of catching up around the house. The office is a wreck, I’m always about a week behind keeping up with the grass that needs mowing, and those pictures aren’t going to photoshop themselves. Oh well, the real important stuff always finds a way to bubble up to the top of the priority list. In the meantime, glorious adventures await!

Busy night tonight

Moonlight Star Trail at Dismal Falls

Had kind of a busy night last night. I went to the pumpkin patch to do some photos for a really nice young couple (I’ll put a few up here soon), then met my friends Jon and Gretchen for a trip up to Dismal Falls. I was kind of disappointed, the Falls weren’t Dismal at all. In fact, they were really quite pleasant. Anyway, the moon provided enough light to give a good impersonation of daylight, and the long exposure gave some good star trails as well.

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