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Over The Top Laptop for Photographers

Yesterday I posted about what I felt was the best laptop for photographers. One of the reasons I think it is so good for photographers is due to it’s compact size. Very easy to pop it in the camera bag and take it into the field with you. Today I’m looking at anotother excellent laptop […]

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The Best Laptop For Photographers

As a photographer and a nerd with 35 years in IT under my belt, I’m often asked what my recommendation is for a laptop by my photographer pals. The genre of machines built specifically for gaming may seem like the logical off-the-shelf solution, but that is not always the case. What makes the best gaming […]

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Photoshop and Lightroom Classes

Power Processing for Photographers Workshops Presented by Curt Warwick and Kirk Carter January 11th and 25th, February 8th, 2014 Auburn High School Computer Lab, Riner, Virginia Learn how the pros import, organize and process their photographs. This new series of 4-hour workshops covers the entire after-capture workflow in Adobe Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC. Workshops […]

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Really Nice Rule #1

“As a general rule, if you disparage something someone else thinks is important, you are marking yourself as a rude, narrow-minded snob. It’s simply not credible to generalize from your own preferences and experience to include everyone or exclude anyone. What one person thinks is important may not be important to everyone, but they have […]

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First Shot

This is Lucy, blind since birth. She has no idea she’s blind.

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Ok Canon, Go Ahead And Announce Your Next Big Thing

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21st Century Steam Train

I was fortunate today to have a friend call me and ask me if I was going to shoot the steam train that would be passing near my house in the next 5 minutes. I really hadn’t planned on it, but I gathered up my stuff and grabbed this shot.   Click on the picture […]

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A Cabin in the woods

I have been going through my Lightroom  Archive Catalog and found some photos I had forgotten about, like this one:

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Pictures from our Photo Road Trip

Here are a couple more from our road trip: This one is mine.     One from Alana, that’s me spinning the orb and Dave driving.  Awesome picture, it got explored on flickr! Jaime got a nice one too.   Jaime’s dad Jim nailed this one. Dave had a bunch of great pictures on his […]

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Golden Pond – Frozen

Spent the President’s Day holiday on a photography roadtrip with some friends.  Had an awesome time and came away with a few good shots too!  

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